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  •  10 Feb 2009 14:51

Release Notes: The 0.28 update included updates to the Linux kernels of 2.6.27 and above that removed things that appeared to be unnecessary, or at least had recommendations to exclude if in doubt, but this appears to have caused problems with USB keyboards. This version update includes rebuilds of all the 2.6.27 and above kernels with the configuration previously used for 2.6.26. It also uses syslinux 3.73.

Release Notes: busybox 1.13.2 and syslinux 3.73 pre 7 were included. Applets were cleaned up. updcast was updated. The kernel was updated to version, and 2.6.28 was added. chkldd was added for checking libraries. Programs were moved to match with the location on Fedora 8. Fedora's dd and gzip are now used again because of speed issues. grub4dos is used to run g4l from NTFS partitions. An option to use the run="command" from grub was added to g4lmenu.

  •  20 Sep 2008 05:38

Release Notes: The latest non-busybox programs from Fedora 8. A few unnecessary libraries have been found. uses a dialog instead of echo for messages, and has a delay to provide process time on slower machines. Work has been done on adding an aespipe encryption option for encrypting FTP images with a GPG file and passphrase. There is an option to use sshfs to mount a remote directory and save an image via an SSH connection. busybox-1.11.2 is included., a script to assist in getting the key and passphrase from USB, has been added. syslinux 3.72pre6 is included.

Release Notes: mdev was added as the hotplug program. ntfs-3g was updated. busybox 1.11.0 with patches was included. A g4l30 script that shows partition size and type was added. sfdisk and fsck programs were included. An ifcheck script that recognizes multiple eth devices and activates the first that gets a link was included for systems where eth0 is not the default. syslinux was upgraded from 3.55 to 3.63.

Release Notes: The development system was moved from Fedora 5 to 8. Busybox was updated to 1.10.1 (with patches to May 2). A telnetd program was added. Newer kernels are used. dd, gzip, and gunzip were moved to busybox. jetcat-mod was compiled with the latest new system. "bs=1M" was added to dd commands in the local menu. telnetd is automatically started if the kernel parameter "telnetd=yes" is given. g4lmenu was added. mdev from busybox is used to dynamically create /dev entries. ntpclient was added.

Release Notes: Updated kernels to support newer hardware, updates to support programs, and some cleanups to the libraries that are required. Only minor changes were made to the program script.

Release Notes: This release adds new kernels and syslinux, plus other support program options. It adds ntfs-3g to support writing to ntfs partitions for the local backup images and adds ntfsclone backups to local drives or partitions. Users can now copy the files from the CD image to a flash drive that has been made bootable, and it will then work from flash.

Release Notes: The latest 2.6.20 and are used. New front end scripts were added to allow for different filenames and using userid and passwords. syslinux vesamenu is now used for kernel selection.

Release Notes: An NTFSCLONE program was added to the system for backing up direct NTFS data to an FTP server. The more stable (works with more hardware) kernel is now used instead of the later 2.6.16.x kernels. A very simple graphic was added for syslinux startup.

Release Notes: Name resolution now works. A patch for SIS5513 was added. Busybox was updated to version 1.1.3. Newer kernels were added.


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