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G3D is a C++ library for game developers, researchers, and students. It is a base of robust and high performance code common to most 3D projects. It is not a stand-alone graphics or game engine, but is a set of pieces to jump start your own engine or graphics project. The library has two parts: G3D for pure math, and GLG3D for interacting with hardware acceleration via OpenGL. You can use G3D without GLG3D if you want to use another 3D API (like DirectX) or don't like the OpenGL abstraction.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Nov 2008 23:52

    Release Notes: This release adds built-in video screen capture, video textures, a native OpenGL skinnable GUI for use in games, performance enhancements, Visual Studio 9.0 and Windows Vista support, support for additional 3D file formats, and new sample code and demos.

    •  08 Aug 2007 11:36

      Release Notes: This release contains a hardware accelerated, skinnable OpenGL GUI, a new user manual, a new unified build system for all platforms, zipfile loading, and hundreds of other new features.

      •  27 Aug 2006 15:18

        Release Notes: This release fixes minor bugs related to mip mapping and mesh processing, introduces a new widget for manipulating 3D objects with the mouse, and optimizes some coordinate frame methods.

        •  27 May 2006 02:18

          Release Notes: Rendering is now approximately 20% faster for applications using the high-level ArticulatedModel and IFSModel objects. A new Half-life-style interactive text console and World of Warcraft-style camera controller enable more sophisticated debugging and interaction. Other new features include querying texture dimensions from GLSL shaders, support for Mesa3D software rendering, and high-quality Bayer-to-RGB conversion for video frames.

          •  13 Mar 2006 11:29

            Release Notes: This release has many new features, including an improved user manual, cross-platform multithreading, and framebuffer and renderbuffer support. Furthermore, there are many code optimizations and a high precision timer to measure them. It also fixes about forty minor bugs that were reported since last August.


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