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0.05 close, not what I planned

I'm currently, more or less, rewriting big chunks of code in G2P. So a couple features (Now, in my opinion, annoyances) are going to be completely taken away. No longer will you be able to add your own custom website to search for albums, rather I'm just going to have 3 options: MegaUpload, RapidShare, and MediaFire. The ability to search for a particular song is going to be there still.

Next, I'm going to make G2P a lot more easier to use. There will be 2 steps to creating the search string for Google: 1. Type in the album/artist name. 2. Choose the website you want to search.

The other noticeable difference between 0.04.3 is that the UI will be but one line of controls; a lot more streamlined in my opinion.

Lastly, I will not be adding any new features for this next release.

Expect it to be out sometime next month.


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