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FXPy is a Python extension module which provides an interface to the FOX cross-platform GUI library. With a few minor exceptions, FXPy provides a complete interface to FOX. FOX is a C++-based toolkit for developing graphical user interfaces easily and effectively, and it runs natively under both Unix/X and Microsoft Windows. Some of the significant features of FOX include a rich set of widgets, powerful but easy-to-use layout managers, extensive support for 3-D modeling using OpenGL or Mesa, drag-and-drop (using the XDND protocol) and a registry for persistent application settings.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  16 May 2002 11:31

Release Notes: The primary purpose of this release is to provide compatibility with FOX version 1.0.

  •  14 May 2001 15:18

Release Notes: Support for the latest version of FOX.

  •  26 Apr 2001 00:54

Release Notes: Support for FOX data targets and debug targets, a new example program to demonstrate the use of the FXTable widget, modified examples to work properly with Python 2.1, and new precompiled binaries for Python 2.1 on Windows.

  •  28 Feb 2001 17:09

Release Notes: This is a minor update, mainly to provide compatibility with the latest version of the FOX library.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: This is a minor update that mainly provides compatibility with the latest version of the FOX library.


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    A library that makes following links in your Web site instant.


    Project Spotlight


    An embedded SSL/TLS implementation for small footprint devices.