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Release Notes: This release includes multiple GUI enhancements and improved support for large configurations with new features like user defined subfolders, keywords for tagging objects, dynamic groups with smart filters, and more. Other new features include support for importing PF configuration files and a new object type called Attached Networks, which represents the list of networks connected to a network interface.

  •  25 Nov 2008 12:25

Release Notes: The built-in installer now uses scp (pscp.exe on Windows) to copy files to the firewall, which makes it work much faster. Optional data file compression was implemented. Support for pure mangle table rule sets for iptables was added. Significant improvements were made in the speed of the shadowing detection for all compilers (up to five times on large linear policies). There were numerous bugfixes and improvements in the GUI and policy compilers.

  •  02 Sep 2008 18:37

Release Notes: This version introduces support for IPv6 for iptables, PF, and Cisco IOS extended access lists. Users can generate both IPv4 and IPv6 policies using the same GUI and the same database of objects that represent network addresses and services. Firewall objects can have any number of policy and NAT rule sets, which can be used for branching rules or to generate user-defined chains (iptables) or anchors (pf) that can be used by external scripts. The GUI has been improved with the addition of the ability to group rules in policies, as well as control the size of icons and fonts.

Release Notes: This revision comes with built-in help; the first dialogs to get help panels are the "advanced" settings dialogs for the iptables firewall. Help panels explain all options and parameters in the corresponding dialogs. The command line tool fwbedit underwent a complete redesign. Fwbedit can now add, remove, and modify objects in the .fwb file from the command line, which means a lot of routine firewall policy modification operations can be completely scripted. Problems with drag and drop of objects between different data files have been fixed. Binary RPMs for Fedora Core 9 are provided.

  •  08 Apr 2008 10:35

Release Notes: Policy compilers for Cisco PIX (supports FWSM and ASA appliances) and IOS extended access lists have been released under the GPL and are included in the main package. This release is packaged as only two RPMs: one for the fwbuilder library, and the other for the GUI and all 6 policy compilers.

  •  26 Jun 2007 10:27

Release Notes: Major new features in this release include support for Cisco routers access lists and the ability to import existing firewall policy. Currently, the policy importer can parse iptables configuration from a file created by the iptables-save utility, and Cisco router configuration saved using "show run" or similar commands. Numerous bugfilxes also come with this version. Ubuntu 7.04 .deb packages are included for the first time.

  •  01 Nov 2006 10:17

Release Notes: This version comes with many new features in the GUI and policy compilers. The GUI is much faster now. New object types "Address Table", "DNS Name", and "Tag", as well as new rule actions "Tag", "Queue", "Classify", and "Custom" have been added. Policy compilers have also been updated, and support the latest features of iptables, pf, ipfilter, ipfw, and Cisco PIX 7.0.

  •  23 Feb 2005 10:52

Release Notes: This is the first release to include support for printing of rulesets. It also comes with bugfixes and updated localization.

  •  08 Dec 2004 20:00

Release Notes: New policy activation methods using iptables-restore are now available for Linux/iptables firewalls. Iptables-restore provides for atomic policy load and allows you to load large policies much faster. Atomic load means the whole filter or NAT table is activated at once, and if there is an error, nothing is changed. A new installation method has been implemented for PIX firewalls. "Safety Net Install" provides a way to manage access lists on a PIX firewall through the IPSEC tunnel. This version comes with Japanese and Russian translations.

  •  28 Jul 2004 13:36

Release Notes: The GUI has been rewritten from scratch and is now based on QT. New features: improvements in the GUI usability and speed; a built-in version control system based on RCS; a built-in installer that uploads and activates the firewall policy using SSH; and support for Linksys devices running Sveasoft firmware.


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