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  •  30 May 2003 14:04

Release Notes: All single letter variables are deprecated, and multiletter variables are provided. The NoWarp menu position hint option works with root menus too. WindowListFunc is executed within a window context, so a prefix "WindowId $0" is no longer needed in its definition, and it is advised to remove it from user configs. FvwmEvent executes all window related events within a window context, so PassId is not needed anymore, and all prefixes "WindowId $0" may be removed from user event handlers.

  •  17 Dec 2001 00:07

Release Notes: Silent now works with Key, Mouse, and PointerKey, the OpaqueMoveSize argument is now unlimited, and mouse bindings are now active without recapture. This version also features ISO_Tab key support, buttons that activate on press/release, a new pointer during grab, and better command recall.


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