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FVWM is a multiple large virtual desktop window manager originally derived from twm. FVWM is intended to have a small memory footprint and a rich feature set, be extremely customizable and extendable and have a high degree of Motif mwm compatibility. FVWM is highly extensible through its module interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 2009 02:27

    Release Notes: Miscellaneous Cygwin fixes were made. Parsing of For loops in FvwmScript was fixed. A possible endless loop when de-iconifying a transient window was fixed. Some invalid GNOME hints are rejected. A loop when xterm changes its "active icon" size was fixed. The configure script can now cope with four-part version numbers when detecting some libraries. Security fixes were made in fvwm-menu-directory and FvwmCommand.

    •  30 Sep 2004 17:58

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  24 Mar 2004 01:21

        Release Notes: This version features security patches in some of the scripts.

        •  11 Oct 2003 08:35

          Release Notes: An error message that occurred when using incorrect --with-SOME-library arguments was fixed along with compilation problems with QNX 4.25. The "Visible" condition no longer selects windows on different desks. Sending M_NEW_PAGE packets to modules was fixed for cases where the page did not change. With StartsOnPage, SkipMapping, and UsePPosition styles, windows that request a specific position are still placed on the given page. It is now possible to suppress titles in menus created by fvwm-menu-directory. A new --disable-gtk configure switch was added. FvwmGtk.1 is not installed if FvwmGtk is not built. Support for BBC headlines was added to fvwm-menu-headlines.

          •  30 May 2003 21:04

            Release Notes: All single letter variables are deprecated, and multiletter variables are provided. The NoWarp menu position hint option works with root menus too. WindowListFunc is executed within a window context, so a prefix "WindowId $0" is no longer needed in its definition, and it is advised to remove it from user configs. FvwmEvent executes all window related events within a window context, so PassId is not needed anymore, and all prefixes "WindowId $0" may be removed from user event handlers.

            Recent comments

            04 Aug 2003 08:18 aviyag

            Dev version
            Many great features on 2.5.7
            1. png image format support
            2. extended taskbar - supports toolbar buttons
            3. multipixmap titlebar - check suzzane britton's
            new themes...
            4. tear-off menus is declared on 2.5.8 (not released yet ) but it works in 2.5.7
            and many many more...

            24 May 2002 16:02 aw0l

            fvwm continues to get better every day!
            There are new features being added all the time to fvwm and almost daily! Some of the latest features include window shading in all directions and font shadows in titles, menus and modules. You can get rpm's for fvwm at now too! :-)
            Also fvwm now supports transparencies, dynamic configuration changes, gnome, kde, session management, xinerama, and much much more.
            Truly one of the most up to date and best supported open source window managers there is. A Fantastic Virtual Window Manager for every desktop! I wouldn't use anything else! ;-P

            07 Jun 1999 02:33 robchris

            Does anyone know where I might find an RPM of FVWM?

            01 May 1999 21:44 ahornby

            Fvwm is the real deal :)
            Those of you using fvwm2 derivatives such as afterstep should take another look at the genuine article. All the goodies you expect are available including wharf etc, and the build process is now the standard ./configure.

            For some good configs look at fvwm2gnome (

            I liked it.


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