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Fingerprint Verification System

Fingerprint Verification System is an easy-to-use library that allows programmers to integrate fingerprint technology into their software without specific know-how. It is fast and small, and is great for embedded systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Dec 2003 18:45

    Release Notes: Support has been added for importing the fingerprints from more than 40 image formats by using ImageMagick. This release can export to many formats. The algorithms were made more robust against some errors.

    •  31 May 2003 19:59

      Release Notes: Better thinning and a few fixes.

      •  11 May 2003 23:13

        Release Notes: Better minutia extraction, and two severe bugfixes.

        •  10 May 2003 19:01

          Release Notes: Adaptation for use with splint (/*@...@*/ directives). Allocation/deallocation functions have been changed (hopefully the last change ever in the API function prototypes). There is better error checking in the library and the demo programs.

          •  26 Mar 2003 05:57

            Release Notes: This release features masking for better minutia extraction, morphological operations (dilate and erode), updated documentation, and a fix for consistency in typing Fvs***_t.

            Recent comments

            21 Sep 2005 08:39 troll_scorp

            Re: Hi all & specially Shivang Patel

            could you possibly give me the link where I can download this FVS version. I downloaded the version from but when I installed it there where not any matching programs. There where only some demo programs whitch seemed not to work properly.


            28 May 2004 01:22 Jayarathna

            To Shaving Patel
            I'm sampath Jayarathna from Sri Lanka.I'm a Undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science University of Colombo. I'm reading for an IT degree.For my final year , Im working on a project "Criminals Information system". Mainly targeting on maintaining a Crime/ Criminals knowledge base. So for my project I thought to add a FVC system.I'm really greatfull if u grant me an oppertunity to download a version of ur FVC System. (the way of downlading is little bit of confusiing) my email :


            09 Apr 2003 08:52 geradts

            Re: Hi all & specially Shivang Patel
            Thank you for your coding of the fvs. I saw that you have written the
            matching part, however in version 0.06 is fails to compile if I just do
            configure and make. Since I am interested in the matching of fingerprints, I
            would like to ask if you can give me a suggestion how to test it.

            Best regards,


            23 Feb 2003 12:39 JaapDeHaan

            Hi all & specially Shivang Patel
            I coded the whole Week-end and made a first release of FVS. For comments and Bug reports about FVS direct them to me, FVS2 is the part where Shivang Patel is much more involved.
            The CVS downloadable version includes a small help but has still to be extended.


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