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FunionFS is a union filesystem for the FUSE driver that allows a small read-write filesystem to be superimposed on read-only media such as a CD-ROM. It is useful for live CD distributions or systems storing files in a PROM or a compressed filesystem such as CRAMFS.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Mar 2007 00:29

    Release Notes: Some bugs have been corrected. A rewrite of the directory management is pending that will correct some problems that are happening when overlaying many directories.

    •  15 Aug 2006 16:55

      Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and add two new features: a log file that traces various operations, and a control file that allows you to dynamically modify the behaviour of Funionfs. It has its own man page and uses autotools.

      •  12 Jun 2006 21:30

        Release Notes: This is a bug correction release. This version replaces the 0.4 one, which has many flaws. A new feature allows you to change the suffix for deleted files. With this enhancement, you could overlap several funionfs mounts.

        •  26 May 2006 21:50

          Release Notes: You can overlay more than two filesystems. This release is compatible with the syntax of unionfs. It is compatible with the mount syntax, and you can now add entries in your fstab with funionfs overlays. Support for xattr has been added. Support for ownership of the file creator is added. This release is compatible with fuse 2.5 and 2.3 (just modify the define in the Makefile). You can create fifos with mknod.

          •  30 Jan 2006 01:05

            Release Notes: There are bugfixes when copying from the read-only filesystem to the read-write one. This impacts the "mknod", "mkdir", "symlink", "rename", and "link" functions. These functions are now working correctly in any conditions. A bad bug in the "link" function has been fixed. When doing "ls", the status of symbolically linked files was not correctly read; this has been fixed.


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