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Fulworx is a REST framework that uses simple annotations of XWork "Action" implementations to expose restful interfaces. Similar to Struts, Fulworx sits as a controller on top of Restlet. Each action is attached as a resource using Restlets. Standard resources are represented by default as XML (or JSON) using JAXB, but any representation may be specified. Actions may be used in other frameworks such as Struts and Webwork, since they're just XWork implementations.

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Last announcement

New samples to help startup 16 Apr 2010 06:27

Fulworx has started documenting some comprehensive samples to help getting started using the project. Check them out at More to come...

Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2010 05:59

    Release Notes: A bug in accessing resources via the browser was fixed. When no media type is specified (as with a browser link), the default is XML. Adding "." notations will work also (.json, etc.).

    •  15 Mar 2010 02:28

      Release Notes: Media (content) types were added to the URI template, allowing for versioning of resources without specifying an actual version in the URI. Existing resources default to "applicaton/xml" if no media type matches. Caches are now based on both URI and media/content type. The supplied representation builders were created and exposed for users of the framework. Media types will now also drive these (so you don't need ".xml", ".xsd", ".json", etc. at the end of a resource).


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