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Release Notes: This release introduces new feaures and bugfixes. A new [indent] BBcode tag was added, and it is now much easier to clean up spam. Announcements can now be targeted (anonymous or logged in users). The CKEditor plugin was reworked. Introduction of "theme.ini" files to override the traditional theme inheritance chain. The File Manager ACP can now unzip files. 'References:' headers have been added to mailing list messages.

Release Notes: This release introduces more SEO-friendly URLs for the PATH_INFO theme. Support for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has been removed. This release also includes some minor bugfixes, security fixes, and many translation updates.

Release Notes: This release introduces a new Karma/User Reputation System and better protection against profile spammers. Countless bugs have been fixed, and six new translations have been added for Asturian (ast), Basa Banyumasan (map-bms), Icelandic (is), Maltese (mt), Tamil (ta), and Traditional Chinese (xh-hant).

Release Notes: Individual E-mail and NNTP posts can now be loaded from the command line. Usenet messages with NNTP X-No-Archive headers will be ignored during import. The display of graphical captcha images was improved. The maximum subject length was increased to 255 characters. rel="nofollow" was added to selected links to prevent excessive spidering of non-content pages. Localisation updates were applied. A new Google CDN plugin was added. The Avatar Management ACP was improved. Rebuilding of private messages, a 'admaccapr.php was not found' error, and several other PHP warnings and notices were fixed.

Release Notes: This release introduces support for static forum pages, global announcements, nested sub-forums, and spider detection. Support was added for the DB2, MS-SQL, and Firebird databases. New languages were added - more than 50 translations are now included. The default templates were updated to HTML5 and formatted to make them easier to read and understand.

Release Notes: This release introduces support for Oracle databases, custom profile fields, scheduling of routine tasks, the ability to search for messages with attachments, new BBcode tags, Mailing List importing over POP3/SSL and IMAP/SSL, and improved parsing of MIME-encoded USENET posts. It features several new plugins, including AddThis, Gravatar, and OpenID support as well as Google Analytics and Google AdSense integration. Translations for Belarusian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Pashto, and ug-arab were added. Several smaller features were added and numerous bugs were squashed.

Release Notes: This release introduces an integrated forum calendar. Several security enhancements were introduced, including salted passwords, the ability to queue user's first posts for approval to prevent forum spam, and the ability to clean up private message spam. A new Twilight Grey skin was added. The Admin Control Panel and other script were redesigned. Several languages were added, including: Egyptian Spoken Arabic, Macedonian, and Interlingua. A new script was added to generate sitemaps (tell search engines what messages to index). Several smaller features were added and numerous bugs were squashed.

Release Notes: New translations were added for Arabic, Esperanto, Hungarian, and Upper Sorbian. Redundant "charset" files were removed. Locale selection was improved. Queries were optimized for the forum's XML feed. MySQLi persistent and socket connections are supported. A forum signature was added for aggregated feed posts. Messages are word-wrapped (including quotes) before sending them to NNTP and mail servers. Attachments are listed before signatures when composing NNTP posts. Command line execution of selected ACP utilities is supported. Every "subject" has been made a link and "reply to linking" was improved. Edits are excluded from duplicate topic checks.

Release Notes: A Quick Reply editor was added. ATOM and RSS2 syndication have been added. Quotes are rendered with a quote icon and nested quotes are shown in different colors. "Select all" and "Show/ hide" controls for code blocks. Graphical CAPTCHAs and CAPTCHA plugins. Twitter integration. Minimum message length and checking for duplicate topics. Improved plugin support. MIME-encoded USENET attachments. XML feeds can be aggregated into the forum. Import of mailing list messages from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. SMTP TLS support. Importing the latest translations from TranslateWiki. Two new themes and 5 new languages have been added.

Release Notes: This release represents a major upgrade in functionality, with many new features and updates to the code base. Some of the more interesting changes include Open Search support, the ability to move messages from one topic to another, the ability to set topic descriptions, Firefox 2 spellchecker hints, and many others.


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Lernstick Personal Learning Environment

A Live Linux distribution with a focus on education.


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An easy to use, but still quite capable firewall for Netfilter/iptables.