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ftv_gnome is a GNOME front end for the furious_tv personal video recorder (PVR). It is written in C and integrates well with the GNOME desktop. It can search, sort, and filter TV listing, and is considerably faster and easier to set up then ftv_web.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jan 2004 00:42

    Release Notes: This release fixes numerous crash bugs and adds support for non-US TV listings (the user needs to customize the channel numbers manually).

    •  17 Nov 2003 12:03

      Release Notes: This release includes support for manual addition and editing of program data in the database. Technically, this means that it is no longer dependent on XMLTV, although it is still the recommended source of listing data. Additionally, many small bugs have been fixed, and the code has been cleaned up slightly.

      •  17 Sep 2003 02:42

        Release Notes: This version allows the user to manually add/edit program and channel data for a furious_tv database (this is useful if XMLTV listings cannot be obtained). Several UI updates have been made to the menus and toolbars.

        •  11 Sep 2003 17:58

          Release Notes: This version allows one to create a list of favorite programs, and all airings of those program will automatically be selected for recording. Since the list is prioritized, time slot conflicts can automatically be resolved. Support for international character encoding is also included in the version. Many UI enhancements have been made as well (full-featured menus, a context menu, etc.).

          •  08 Sep 2003 00:04

            Release Notes: This version features a method for storing a list of favorite TV programs. Programs in the favorites list will automatically be flagged for recording when the listings are updated. The list is prioritized, and ftv_gnome can automatically resolve time slot conflicts based on the priorities given in the favorites list.


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