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FTB ConMan is a content management system for Web sites that focuses on creating effective, detailed sites using the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript techniques (primarily via jQuery). It attempts to provide the simplest means possible for the site administrator to keep the site updated, with little to no hassle, and an admin panel that doesn't overwhelm. Advanced options are still available for those who wish to use them.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Return of ConMan, Warning of Hijacked Code! 14 Nov 2012 22:53

FTB ConMan is returning. This time, with a new 1.x series of development versions leading to the official stable 2.x release. This new series of the website content management system will be making full use of the latest web standards, through HTML5, CSS3, and javascript creating a rich website that is incredibly simple to maintain. It is planned as well to include mobile browsing support. The 1.0 release will see the basic setup of the code in place, with tons of features and tweaks as the 1.x series progresses until the complete fully functional system comes out as 2.0. A 1.0 release, coming soon! WARNING: Besides the fact that the 0.x series was done in 2005/6, and would lead to a horribly outdated looking site being created, you should be warned that the SourceForge project that once was host to FTB ConMan got hijacked. The "0.5" and "0.6" releases there were not done by me, the original coder. A user named "SF_Chris" hijacked the account, and re-released my 0.3 code under those numbers. In doing so, he claimed copyright of my code, and changed my licensing of it. Do not use those. I cannot guarantee he didn't do anything to the code, but considering the amount of effort he put into hijacking the code, it would not surprise me if he added something bad. I don't know if he did, but I can't confirm he didn't. At any rate, there will be no more 0.x releases, and the 1.x series is a full rewrite which will be incompatible with any site made with the 0.x code. As I cannot seem to regain control of my project on SourceForge, it is considered abandoned. Future releases will be on another service, most likely Github. - The site is not available yet, but the official location of downloads will be put on there once it's decided. Feel the Burn! -Flame

Recent releases

  •  08 Nov 2005 13:23

    Release Notes: New modules include FAQster (for categorized Q&A handling) and Messenger (which allows members to send private messages to each other). Other minor adjustments and bugfixes were made.

    •  03 Sep 2005 20:13

      Release Notes: This release introduces Discussion Forums and Admin Contact modules to the system. A new theming system was added and includes two new site themes. Lots of bugfixes and adjustments were made to the 0.1 functions.

      •  07 Feb 2005 23:10

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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