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fswebcam is a small and nifty Webcam program for Linux. It captures images from a V4L1/V4L2 device or from files, averages them to reduce noise, and draws a caption on the final image.

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  •  14 Jan 2014 02:34

    Release Notes: This release adds a new method of iterating over all V4L2 controls for a device, fixes a double free when both mmap and read fail, and removes the duplicate "frame" in the help text.

    •  17 Jul 2011 14:23

      Release Notes: A crash when using the --no-timestamp option was fixed. A few small compiler warnings were cleaned up. The pointer type in src_v4l2_set_fps() was fixed.

      •  18 Nov 2010 14:07

        Release Notes: libgd fontconfig support is enabled if available. The default font is now "sans:10". S561 compressed palette support was added. A small memory leak in the logging system was fixed. An option to swap color channels in the image was added.

        •  22 Jun 2010 13:05

          Release Notes: This is a bug fix release.

          •  07 Apr 2010 13:04

            Release Notes: A typographical error was fixed, and missing code for parsing the --fps option was added.


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