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Release Notes: The radio buttons in the UI for selecting the units system are now connected with the model.

  •  14 Dec 2013 07:39

Release Notes: Fixed some problems present only in the English interface were fixed along with some problems in the data viewer. English users are encouraged to update.

  •  12 Mar 2013 23:19

Release Notes: This release fixes a small problem with the contextual menu of conversion factors. It cleans up compiler warnings with clang. Also available in a binary package for 32-bit GNU/Linux. A configure script has been added. To compile from source, you need the latest stable packages of GNUstep.

  •  03 Oct 2012 21:13

Release Notes: The conversion factors are now available from a contextual menu. Basic mathematical operations can be done at table entries. There are some useful functions like: cos(), sin(), and hypot(). The module Static of Rigid Bodies has been extended. The module Circular Dynamics of particles has been added.

  •  18 Jun 2011 07:23

Release Notes: This is a review version that brings improvements that work with the latest GNUstep packages and take advantage of new additions. Among these improvements are bugfixes, improved application performance, window menus on GNU/Linux and *BSD, corrections to the menu in Windows 7, and a reimplementation of the help panel according to changes in GNUstep.


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An OpenBSD flash read-only installer.