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FSHeal aims to be a general filesystem tool that can scan and report vital "defective" information about the filesystem like broken symlinks, forgotten backup files, and left-over object files, but also source files, documentation files, user documents, and so on. It will scan the filesystem without modifying anything and reporting all the data to a logfile specified by the user which can then be reviewed and actions taken accordingly.

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  •  07 Apr 2004 04:06

Release Notes: The project is more flexible, allowing you to add or remove source, backup, and library extensions to a simple configuration file which resides in the sysconfdir. The sizes were changed to kilobytes since running the program on a high level directory would have reported extremely large numbers.


Project Spotlight


A modern task tracking application that follows open standards and supports tags, subtasks, and more.


Project Spotlight

The Eagle Project

An implementation of the Tcl scripting language for the CLR.