Version 2.2.5 of FrontAccounting

Release Notes: A new document type, Receipt, was added. A Balance Sheet drilldown inquiry was added in Banking and GL. Up to 4-5 levels of GL account groups are allowed in COA. A heavy warning was put on marking the checkbox "Allow Negative Inventory". A bug in Sales Price pickup was fixed. A bug in which a refs record was not deleted when deleting Sales Order or Quotation was fixed. Purchase tax account was added in default COAs. A bug was fixed in Quick Entry lines with Tax added. A bug in which shipping cost was ignored in Direct Invoice (cash) was fixed. Error display during Ajax operations was improved.

Other releases

  •  10 Mar 2014 21:24

Release Notes: This is a 2.3.20 security and bugfix release. It contains crucial security patches, so all FA users running any earlier 2.3.x application version are encouraged to update their installations to version 2.3.20 as soon as possible. This applies especially to all installations which are run in not fully-trusted environments like public demos, shared accounts, or SAAS installations. This release allows more than one document attachment per number, fixes a check that a company logo exists when using header3, and fixes security issues in file uploads.

  •  07 Nov 2013 07:18

    Release Notes: Page number is now printed on all documents. The Order Status Listing Report shows invoiced in the heading rather than delivered. In Customer Balances Reports and Supplier Balances Reports, errors in recalculation to home currency value were fixed. When automatically creating a branch, the contact is also created on the customer. A problem in Supplier Invoice where tax was not updated on GRN line addition/removal was fixed. Remittances now show discounts. In Supplier Invoice, tax input refresh after changes in gl/grn items was fixed.

    •  06 Sep 2013 22:33

    Release Notes: This is a 2.3.18 urgent bugfix release. It fixes several glitches from the previous release 2.3.17, a headers and SQL error when deleting a contact category, Customer/Supplier payments with amounts bigger than 1,000 being truncated, balances in the home currency calculated using wrong exchange rates, a missing charge amount during edition, and a submit button name. It adds a F4 hotkey for the item popup editor in sales documents.

    •  01 Aug 2013 23:26

      Release Notes: Uniform display of exchange rate across the application. Adds an xr_provider_authoritative option. Fixes a bug in the stored rate value. Customer Payment, Supplier Payment: payments can be done in any currency and properly allocated to invoices. Supplier Invoices, Direct Invoice, Supplier Credit Notes: editable tax totals fields have been added to fix variations in tax calculations on supplier side. Payments, Bank Transfer: a payment limit checking bug has been fixed. Bank Transfer: an additional field for the target currency amount instead of the exchange rate display.

      •  09 May 2013 11:26

      Release Notes: The order of transactions in admin/view void transactions was reversed. The Customer Detail Listing was improved with general notes. Bugs when printing Recurrent Invoices were fixed. When using templates for delivery and invoice, the lines and comments are no longer missing. When crediting an invoice in transactions, the invoice date is now correct. A rounding error (with not filtering some 0.00 transactions) in the Customer Statement report was fixed. A new Costed Inventory Movement Report was added (rep308.php) along with a new Items Sales Summary Report. Advanced assembly can now work with an empty BOM (use Issue to add items).


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