Version 2.0.9 of Fresh IDE

Release Notes: This release contains major changes both in the IDE and in the FreshLib library. The FASM compiler has been updated to version 1.71, which contains important new features. Thanks to the new compiler, a new "text" macro has been created which creates only one copy of the duplicated strings. Procedure call macros allow directly calling string constants as an arguments, improving readability of the sources. The DLL imports system has been changed to allow custom user imports. All libraries, examples, and templates have been updated accordingly. Several longstanding bugs and misbehaviors have been fixed.

Other releases

  •  16 Apr 2014 22:42

Release Notes: The main new features in this version are in the context help system. It now, besides .hlp and .chm files, supports .html in several flavors and .md (markdown formatted) text files in the context help system. In the package is included the great LSCR project documentation, containing an assembly-centric description of Linux system calls. The FASM compiler has been updated to 1.71.20. FreshLibDev has been updated to the recent development version. Several small and not so small bugs have been fixed.

  •  27 Feb 2014 06:28

Release Notes: FASM compiler has been updated to version 1.71.19. This release was merged with the latest version of FreshLibDev, which uses the new postpone macro. The appearance and behavior in WINE has been Improved. A number of small bugs have been fixed.

  •  11 Jul 2013 14:41

    Release Notes: The FASM compiler has been updated to the most recent version (1.71.11), FreshLib has been merged with the latest development version, and some Linux scripts have been added which make Linux desktop integration easier.

    •  13 Mar 2013 21:18

    Release Notes: A regression related to the missing structure MONITORINFO in the equates has been fixed. The new internationalization macros have been included in the native Win32 libraries and demos. This update is recommended for those who wants to compile Win32-only applications using the legacy libraries (including some of the example projects).

    •  10 Mar 2013 19:00

      Release Notes: The main change in this release is the distribution license. Because of some contradictions in the previous license, it has been changed to the EUPL 1.1 copyleft license (compatible with the GNU GPL) for Fresh IDE itself, and the BSD 2-clause license for the FreshLib library. Some improvements have been implemented for IDE source browsing features, including "goto definition" and "embedded help". FreshLib has been updated to the latest development version.


      Project Spotlight


      A collection of tools for dumping and mastering PlayStation 1 CD-ROM images.


      Project Spotlight


      A Web server with an in-built data store.