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  •  27 Oct 2005 08:08

Release Notes: The destruction of SYSV IPC semaphores and the detaching of bounding network device was fixed for RH EL3, RH 73, and Trustix 2.2 operating systems. The initialization of iptables for RH EL 4 and clones was fixed. Virtualization for VPS uptime value was added. Per context opening devices access control was added to add CAP_MKNOD capability to the context capabilities list and to allow device nodes to be created when udev starts.

  •  11 Oct 2004 07:57

Release Notes: This release is based on RedHat Enterprise Linux kernel 2.4.21-20 EL.

  •  20 Jul 2004 09:55

Release Notes: A hanging netlink was fixed. The code in tasklist and filelist was made platform independent. Full support was implemented for the /etc/freevps/vps.cfg and for the VPSCONFIG and VPSHOME environment variables. Minor bugfixes were made.


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