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FreeVPS is Linux-based software implementing virtual server technology, a cost-effective and resource-saving solution that runs virtually isolated, full-featured standalone Linux servers on one host box.


Recent releases

  •  29 May 2006 12:32

    Release Notes: Experimental support for the x86_64 arch was added. A kernel panic when starting VPS without Ethernet link was fixed. Uptime virtualization for context 1 was fixed. Building of the ipt_physdev module was fixed.

    •  22 Apr 2006 04:49

      Release Notes: Kernels and tools for were built for Debian packages. A yum repository was added for Red Hat EL3/EL4 kernels. The TCP/UDP sockets list is now flushed to avoid a panic with destroyed contexts. The procfs output was rewritten to use the recommended API. vdst spinlock entry deletion is now protected to avoid a panic while destroying context. vnetdev destroy was improved to avoid problems with 2.6 kernels. The attachment of vnetdev to VLAN devices was fixed.

      •  27 Oct 2005 15:08

        Release Notes: The destruction of SYSV IPC semaphores and the detaching of bounding network device was fixed for RH EL3, RH 73, and Trustix 2.2 operating systems. The initialization of iptables for RH EL 4 and clones was fixed. Virtualization for VPS uptime value was added. Per context opening devices access control was added to add CAP_MKNOD capability to the context capabilities list and to allow device nodes to be created when udev starts.

        •  23 Sep 2005 05:54

          Release Notes: This version supports Linux 2.4 kernels (RH EL3, WB3, CentOS3, Trustix 2.2) and Linux 2.6 kernels (RH EL4, CentOS4). Locking at vnetdev was changed. The extensibility of ipt/arpt/xrfm modules was increased. Names were unified in the TCP/UDP modules. Transfer of inodes between contexts with enabled disk quotas was implemented. A race between QUOTA_TRANSFER and QUOTA_OFF was closed. An ARP issue that appeared in some rare conditions was resolved.

          •  10 Aug 2005 10:28

            Release Notes: Fixes were made to build the FreeVPS kernel using gcc 3.3 (Trusix 2.2 distributive). The ability to create and delete control sockets for TCP/ICMP protocols was ported from the 2.6 kernel into the FreeVPS kernel. Non-virtualizable /proc/meminfo fields are set to 0. fib_info and routing cache are correctly flushed. Current context instead of inode context is used to search unix sockets. The loopback device is destroyed before destroying netlink to avoid problems with sending netlink messages. Deletion of references to a virtual network device when deleting dst objects was fixed.

            Recent comments

            20 Sep 2004 06:53 iseletsk

            Re: other distro's ?

            > does this project aim to support other

            > distro's (ie: SuSe) or stick with only

            > RedHat? Thanks.

            We base the kernel of redhat kernel, but you can install it on any linux system. At this moment we are not looking to port scripts - but thats should be easy for anyone who wants to do it.

            13 Sep 2004 09:43 Sjobeck

            other distro's ?
            does this project aim to support other distro's (ie: SuSe) or stick with only RedHat? Thanks.


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