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  •  01 Jun 2013 21:30

Release Notes: The Audacious 3.1 API was supported. Obsolete plugins' codes were removed. The Gtk3 API was supported.

Release Notes: The new reverb "Hibiki Reverb" was added. Some small enhancements were made.

Release Notes: Mac OS X support was added. Multi-threaded latency processing was added. The configuration files were changed to XML files. Some small enhancements were made.

Release Notes: New reverb algorithms were added. New XMMS/BMP/audacious plugins were added. The reverb class structures were changed to catch errors. The sweep generator and sample code were added. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This version contains many updates and bugfixes. A WindCompressor (Multiband Compressor) a GUI and a small fragment optimization were added. Parameter bugs, x87 optimization bugs, and preset program bugs were fixed.

  •  18 Nov 2007 01:09

Release Notes: The compressor softknee model was updated. A soft limiter was added. The stereo enhancer was updated. The new plugin structure of Audacious 1.4 is supported.

  •  11 Oct 2007 07:42

Release Notes: An SSE multipy bug was fixed. int64 support was added. A SoftKnee/HardKnee Compressor with RMS/envelope detector, FIR LPF/HPF/BPF/BEF, a linear phase 3-band frequency splitter, and a linear phase multi-band compressor were added.

Release Notes: The SSE bugs were fixed. The standalone 1-pass sampling rate converter was included.

  •  02 Sep 2007 09:22

Release Notes: This release includes precision of float/double/ldouble support, a fast convolution algorithm, a new Double Fragment Buffer Zero Latency Algorithm, SIMD codes for 3DNow!/SSE/SSE2, and a merge of libsamplerate.

  •  28 May 2007 06:53

Release Notes: Support was added for newer audacious 1.3. A small bug was fixed. A multislot high quality reverb plugin was added for xmms/bmp/audacious.


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