Version 1.8 of Linux FreeS/WAN

Release Notes: This release features mostly stabilization changes due to the large amount of new code since the 1.5 release.

    Other releases

    •  23 Aug 2004 05:33

    Release Notes: This is the last version that will be released by the FreeS/WAN team. No new versions of this software will be released. New features are mostly the removal of transport mode, KLIPS port for 2.6, and some netlink security fixes.

    •  08 Mar 2004 13:35

    Release Notes: Removal of AH and better support for 2.6 kernels, an experimental lightweight DNS queue, and support for DNSSec.

    •  25 Nov 2003 16:49

    Release Notes: This version features a workaround for the Linux 2.6 netlink security problem.

    •  09 Oct 2003 06:35

    Release Notes: Preliminary support for 2.6 kernels was added, either via KLIPS or the native 2.6 kernel IPsec. See the new 2.6.known-issues document for more details. A fix was made for SHA1 packet reception and several verify buglets. An iproute2 based _updown script was added.

    •  05 Sep 2003 16:32

    Release Notes: One-line configuration for initiator-only Opportunistic Encryption, (OE) using ipsec.conf's new "myid" option. There is a new RPM spec file. This will help folks who need to compile RPMs from the FreeS/WAN source. In addition, wavesec and OE now coexist nicely.


    Project Spotlight


    Text note windows for X desktops.


    Project Spotlight

    Aspose.Slides for .NET

    A .NET component to read, write, and modify a PowerPoint document.