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Free Simulated Radar Client

FreeSimRC is a framework for radar clients for virtual air traffic control networks (e.g., VATSIM and IVAO). Currently work is occuring on a radar client (an ASRC clone), a flight strip display, and a 3D tower view.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Aug 2004 07:00

    Release Notes: The radar client now displays most of the map, although some features are still missing, like airways, SIDs, STARs and IAPs. An example sector file ("test.sct") is included and used by the demo. Work is progressing on the DSR radar- mode. Most symbols should be correct now.

    •  11 Aug 2004 03:48

      Release Notes: This release now comes with "TowerView", a 3D "tower- simulator" which provides a 360-degree view from the tower. Aircraft on VATSIM are rendered in 3D (only B737 -600, no textures yet). Satellite imagery can be used as ground texture (example included: EDDT - Tegel Airport, Berlin).

      •  28 Jul 2004 02:09

        Release Notes: A VSCS panel was added (toggle with TAB). Most buttons on the A/G VSCS are now functional. Selected frequencies are displayed above the command line on the scope. All text messages on frequencies that are set to receive will show up on the scope, as well as all ATC info messages.

        •  21 Jul 2004 02:15

          Release Notes: Some small features were added. The removal of old tracks via net.sf.freesimrc.AircraftManagerUpdater was implemented, and a message panel that shows incoming radio traffic was added.

          •  15 Jul 2004 11:05

            Release Notes: This release adds aircraft vector lines, and adds functionality to some buttons in the "DC" menu.


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