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Release Notes: This is a test maintenance release for the schema-stable 1.4 branch. 1.4.x releases do not require any database schema changes. New features include typeset PostScript/PDF invoices, CVV2 credit card support, improved virtual company support, new financial and reseller reports, new exports, and an improved customer view page.

Release Notes: Virtual Web host export to Apache configuration files was implemented. MySQL 4.1 and newer should now work again. A "cancel this customer" button was added, and old-style qmail and vpopmail exports were updated for the new export system.

Release Notes: Electronic checks (ACH) are now supported. New pricing plans allow per-hour charges based on direct query of a FreeRADIUS or ICRADIUS radacct SQL table (no session monitor is necessary). A new suspended package report is available, as well as "package expiration" support, allowing a customer to be scheduled for cancellation at a later date. The user-interface now has the ability to hide all billing information and be used for customer tracking and provisioning only. The vpopmail export was overhauled, and sqlradius export to PostgreSQL was fixed.

Release Notes: This is intended to be a maintenance release and should be a drop-in replacement for 1.4.0. The Web interface now has "unprovision" links for individual accounts, as well as HTTP upload of CSV customer and charge data. Default external shell commands now update GECOS values and delete old home directories. vpopmail exporting has been updated, and a number of minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: The provisioning system now includes default remote commands to add/modify/delete users on most Linux distributions, NetBSD, and FreeBSD. Real-time editing of text RADIUS users files has been added, and a number of UI improvements have been made to the Web interface.


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