Version 1.3.0 of Freeside

Release Notes: Export of BIND and Apache configuration files. Session monitor to track and limit usage on a time (hourly/"minutely") basis. This can be used, with RADIUS, to keep track of NAS ports, and can also be used to implement hotel or cafe type access, where the user must sign in on a webpage before being granted access to the network. Prepaid cards can now be for an amount of time rather than money.

Other releases

  •  06 Mar 2014 13:35

    Release Notes: This release includes PayPal integration, self-service access for contacts, and new service tables for cable and alarm services.

    •  14 Aug 2013 22:41

      Release Notes: This release improves quotations and FCC 477 reporting. Notable new features include per-package contacts, package detaching and attaching to/from separate customer records, and bulk movement of services amongst a customers’ packages.

      •  14 Mar 2013 11:54

        Release Notes: This is a major release which includes new features such as quotations, customer custom fields, quantities, an upgrade to Request Tracker 4.0, and more.

        •  04 Jun 2012 21:11

          Release Notes: Highlights of this release include a new customer duplicate checking option, new access controls and billing event conditions, and an update to Request Tracker 3.8.13.

          •  03 Jun 2012 21:46

            Release Notes: Highlights of this release include enhancements to mapping functionality and many new reporting options.


            Project Spotlight

            Task Coach

            A friendly task manager.


            Project Spotlight

            Alaya Webdav Server

            A simple WebDAV 1.0 server.