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  •  17 Jan 2008 02:07

Release Notes: This release is the culmination of three years of heavy development. It adds "virtual server" support, IPv6, and a new policy language ("man unlang"). All common EAP types can be used, including experimental support for EAP-FAST and EAP-TNC. MAC address authentication and VLAN assignment can now be done using the VMPS protocol. Limited HUP capabilities have been added, along with updated documentation and examples. The server is much easier to install, configure, and debug.

  •  12 Jan 2006 14:22

Release Notes: This release is focused on new features and bugfixes without sacrificing stability. New features include more vendor dictionaries, support for Lucent and Starent VSAs, support for Juniper encrypted VSAs, N-tier certificates, and load-balanced access to back-end databases. In addition, the Perl module is now stable, and a new "sql log" module may be used to lower the load on an SQL server. The new features are complemented by a number of bugfixes.

  •  27 Aug 2004 22:13

Release Notes: New 3GPP, 3GPP2, Propel, Karlnet, Sonicwall, Navini, Bristol University, Valemont, and Mikrotik dictionaries were added along with many more man pages for the modules. Tests indicate that the server is up to 30% faster with dictionaries using the new red-black tree implementation. The queue of input requests was de-coupled from the pool of threads, allowing "spikes" of requests to be queued, even though all threads are busy, significantly increasing the servers ability to process large numbers of requests on a multi-CPU machine. Many minor bugfixes and feature enhancements were made.

  •  21 Jul 2003 15:22

Release Notes: This release has many new features and bugfixes. It adds support for the Cisco LEAP protocol. Memory leaks in the SQL module interface have been fixed. Many more dictionary files have been added (Alcatel, Alteon, Bintec, Cabletron, Extreme, ERX, Netscreen, RedCreek, ITK, Telebit, Wispr, etc.). More modules have been marked 'stable' (IP Pool, Digest, etc.), and have been added to the default configuration. The default configuration has been updated so that almost all authentication methods "just work" out of the box.

  •  03 Jul 2002 10:58

Release Notes: Many race conditions and server lockups have been fixed. Potential security issues with SQL have been corrected. Digest authentication has been added. Support for MS-SQL and Sybase is now included, and other fixes to the SQL code have made it more stable. There is now an 'ippool' module to do server-side IP pooling. All users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

  •  09 Oct 2001 16:10

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, feature enhancements, and code cleanups.


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