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Release Notes: This release adds new features, including patient file exportation, HPRIM importation, bank cheque printing, French FSP printing, updating patient files, new sub-forms, many improvements in the script manager, and many bugfixes.

  •  21 Feb 2013 12:48

Release Notes: This is mainly a debugging release. It fixes many bugs (printing problems, some missing drugs interactions, etc.). Updating is strongly recommended.

Release Notes: This release adds a new alert manager (for user, patient, and soft), new webcam integration to take pictures of patients, and a new form viewer and episode manager.

  •  03 Jun 2012 21:27

Release Notes: Corrects the token manager.

  •  29 May 2012 09:55

Release Notes: This debug version includes improvements in the datapack manager, avoidance of patient duplicates, a synthetic view of PMHx, updated Debian packaging, typo fixes, and many bugfixes.

  •  21 Mar 2012 01:15

Release Notes: This release adds a new data pack manager, a license agreement for data packs, management of availabilities in the agenda, and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This version has a new script engine, QtUi integration in forms, a new datapack manager, and many bugfixes.


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A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions.