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Version CVS-20060112 of FreeLords

Release Notes: Some critical Windows fixes and compilation improvements. Autosaving has been implemented. Configuration has been improved. There are two new scenarios. This release adds some initial music support and has some smaller changes.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release starts work on the GUI with a chat client for demonstration, adds server "rooms" to separate player actions (different games) from each other, implements loading and setting up of games (not yet integrated with client/server), and adds configuration and i18n facilities.

Release Notes: The client/server code works now, and a simple command line chat client/server has been implemented as a demo application. Several backend classes (game map and stuff populating it) have been implemented, though not fully functional yet.

  •  31 Aug 2011 12:26

Release Notes: The various backend packages were reimplemented using test-driven design and external libraries. Only source code and tests are included in this release. This implements abstract file access, XML loading, the sound engine, and the beginnings of the client-server architecture.

Release Notes: The sound architecture has been rewritten, a 64-bit Linux version has been added, heroes can now join, random map generation has been (mostly) fixed, and there are various minor changes.

Release Notes: The client-server handshake has been rewritten. Among other small things, this fixes some bugs, re-enables client permissions, and allows guest players that only observe. Some standard dialogs were simplified. A crude overview map was added. Some simple mouse cursor changes were made. External libraries were upgraded. Parts of the code were commented and simplified.


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