Version 0.7.0 of FreeDiams

Release Notes: Some bugfixes. The addition of a datapack manager. Allows decimal daily repartition. An updated drugs database.

Other releases

  •  08 Mar 2013 01:32

    Release Notes: This release corrects a printing bug, adds some speed improvements, and correctly identifies some missing drugs interactions.

    •  10 Nov 2012 01:24

    Release Notes: This release adds some new options (like refilling prescriptions) and many bugfixes.

    •  29 Jun 2012 21:24

    Release Notes: This release fixes UI bugs and improves Drug database access.

    •  03 Jun 2012 21:27

    Release Notes: Corrects the token manager.

    •  29 May 2012 09:56

    Release Notes: XML prescription was corrected. Interoperability with external EMR was improved. The datapack manager was improved, and typos and many bugs were fixed.


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