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  •  08 Oct 2013 07:39

Release Notes: The Windows NSIS package should now build, install, and run properly. A bug in command line option processing was fixed.

Release Notes: This release installs the fcs_dllexport.h header, which broke trying to compile with libfreecell-solver by third parties. It adds the --tracemem option. It has a bugfix for incrementally increasing the run-time limits. It adds a modified version of the kazlib balanced binary tree to the distribution to be used as a backend for storages. It revamps the various range solvers, extracting common functionality. There are some relatively minor optimizations and code cleanups.

Release Notes: There is a fix to a string overflow in the command line processing. There is a new optimized command line preset. A new "Scan:" trace was added. An off-by-1 iterations count was fixed, and the iteration handling callback is now applied globally to all the instances. now has support for generating PySol's and PySolFC's "Black Hole" Solitaire deals, intended for the author's Black Hole Solitaire Solver.

Release Notes: This release fixes many build problems, especially on Windows (and MSVC), but also on Linux.


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An innovative NoSQL database.


Project Spotlight


A program that backs up and restores data.