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24 May 2003 14:27 davidck

FreeBSD is the most exiting, stable and well organized OS I have ever woked on, I use it for everything:
As a platform for web aplications, as a workstation etc.

It has prooved to have good documentation, zounds of software, both native and running on top of emulators.

I realy adore this OS!

22 Dec 2002 23:30 gooober

FreeBSD is great!
I've been using FreeBSD for about 3 years now, switching from SuSE GNU/Linux.

I was using GNU/Linux since '96 and ever since I have switched to FreeBSD I have liked the way it's structured.

Their ports collection really gives one notice of how true UNIX porting is like and also gives you more power to discover truely what goes on underneath all of the gui stuff that's going around now-a-days.

I have learned tremendously over the years through using GNU/Linux and FreeBSD...just little bits at a time.

May you enjoy your journey as well.


12 Aug 2001 18:59 koinu

FreeBSD is great !
This is how every Linux/Unix-based operating system should look like! I'm very impressed. I like the well-structured package management, the huge port collection, the OS-emulations (Solaris, Linux etc) and the stability (which I missed while using Linux). The guys are doing great work.

23 Aug 1999 21:19 xcs

I suggest to begginer BSD users not to bother with FreeBSD 4.0-snapshot, a bit too unstable. You would come off better with version 3.2. The snapshot version right now is basically for developers.


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