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Version 2.0.0b3 of Free-SA

Release Notes: Hungarian localization as well as better support for Ubuntu, NetBSD, Solaris, and OpenSuSE has been added. Free-SA now works in a more correct way with FIFO files used as a log source. A new option 'server_efficiency_bytes_divisor' for enabling the bytes divisor in the server efficiency report has been added. Many warnings and typos were fixed, and some security improvements were introduced.

Other releases

Release Notes: Support for various keywords as a date for the '-d' command line option has been added: today, yesterday, thismonth, lastmonth, and many others are supported now. A new option for showing all IP addresses used by a user has been added. The calendar in the index report was complemented with search box, which is useful for filtering by configuration name. A significant speed up and lower DNS traffic utilization and memory consumption has been achieved when the 'username_resolve_ip' option is enabled. Many other improvements were made.

Release Notes: Support for Postfix over syslog log format was improved. Support for different operating systems was improved as well, especially for CentOS and RedHat Linux. Most bugs and strange behaviors discovered by Coverity Scan service and reported by users were fixed.

Release Notes: The long awaited option implementing calendar navigation menu at the main index page has been added. The program will also clear the cache directory in the case where no records were found and exit with a good return code.

Release Notes: Multiple new options for many customizable SVG graphics reports were added. New options 'users_excess' and 'users_excess_limit' were added for generating a plain text report file with users exceeding the specified limit. W3C standards conformance has been defined more precisely, and includes the standard's version number.

  •  23 Apr 2011 06:08

Release Notes: Support for conversion of usernames in the top sites report has been added. Portuguese and Lithuanian translations were added. Some problems were fixed and some new options were introduced.


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