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GNU.FREE (Free Referenda & Elections Electronically) is a secure, private, and scalable electronic voting system written in Java.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2002 18:53

    Release Notes: Integration of XML support for highly flexible configuration, and support for multiple voting systems.

    •  29 Sep 2001 19:58

      Release Notes: This release has had a protocol overhaul, and now uses the HMAC system including client/server key/seed initialisation and sequence numbers. There is a first draft of an XML DTD for defining elections in GNU.FREE. The installer has been fixed.

      •  24 Jul 2001 20:07

        Release Notes: This release includes communications level encryption of all data transmitted using an RSA/Blowfish system. Protocol bugs have been fixed, including improving the coverage of the MAC. File imports give users more information on errors. The Electoral Roll database now stores more information, making it relevant beyond just GNU.FREE usage. The new PollManager application is included. This allows polling station mangers to use GNU.FREE services in a ballot even if it uses postal and conventional voting systems (or a mix thereof).

        •  24 May 2001 14:18

          Release Notes: Internationalization support has been added to FreeClient, with 9 languages now available. Logs have tamper resistance due to a message digest system. Using FreeTest, the administrator can detect the point at which tampering began. The central data structures have been improved to remove large amounts of redundant and/or repeated code. GNU.FREE now has out-of-the-box support for PostgreSQL and MySQL. FreeInstall now supports multiple ports so that RTServer and ERServer can be run on the same physical machine for test purposes. Test Ballots can now be created. The GNU.FREE Testing Suite (FreeTest) has been massively updated to support stress testing with the new security architectures developed over the last few versions. It also generates test data for importing into the servers. The log console display has been vastly improved with the inclusion of auto-scrolling, word-wrap, and color. Automated Electoral Roll data import has been implemented. Data is read in the CSV format.

          •  28 Feb 2001 08:37

            Release Notes: FREE is now an official GNU package. New features include database caching with a connection pooling system, a wide range of performance tweaks, conversion of the JFC Swing interface to AWT 1.1, more logging detail, more secure voter authorization, encrypted database information, and updated documentation.


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