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Version 20090601 beta-1 of Frama-C

Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes and many new features.

Other releases

  •  04 Oct 2012 21:45

    Release Notes: This release brings improvements in the C front-end and in the value analysis (automatic context-sensitive data flow analysis), WP (verification of functional properties using Hoare logic), slicing (generation of simplified, compilable C programs), and plug-ins.

    •  10 Oct 2011 21:02

      Release Notes: This new major version includes many bugfixes and improvements. Performance improvements benefit the Value Analysis and Slicing plug-ins, the Aoraï plug-in for verification of C programs against Linear Temporal Logic formulas, the GUI, and kernel property statuses for plug-in collaboration.

      •  04 Mar 2011 21:52

      Release Notes: This release fixes bugs identified in beta version 20101202 and makes the API stable for external plug-in developers. Value analysis users, consider applying this patch before compiling: . Jessie users: this release is compatible with Why 2.29, available from . WP users: the WP plug-in will be made available separately later.

      •  05 Jan 2011 22:34

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes. Small usability improvements to the GUI. A few API changes. Value analysis: improved speed and memory consumption; handle single-precision type float as such (instead of lumping it with double as previously); better handling of structs passed as arguments to functions. A new deductive verification plug-in: WP.

      •  13 Apr 2010 13:31

        Release Notes: The support for the ACSL specification language was improved framework-wide. The value analysis benefits from numerous new options to improve precision and scale to larger codebases.


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