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Version 0.99.188 of FOX

Release Notes: This release has new search modes, minor API changes, general bugfixes, and documentation.

Other releases

  •  30 Apr 2008 07:03

Release Notes: FXTopWindow resize() and position() fixes from FOX 1.7 were backported. A GCC 4.3 warning in FXArray header file was fixed. Internal data arrays were made static to prevent global name clashes on some compilers. An uninitialized variable in FXFileDict was fixed.

Release Notes: FXString::vscan(), FXString::scan(), FXString::vformat(), FXString::format(), and other printf/scanf-like routines now support positional arguments. Numerous warnings due to the new integer overflow rules in GCC 4.3 (-fstrict-overflow and -Wstrict-overflow) were fixed. Many warnings reported by Borland C++ compiler were fixed. FXComposeContext and FXApp patches were applied for input methods on Windows. The NoAccessTime option was added for the FXFile open() call. A problem causing NVIDIA driver video-memory leak in FXGLContext when new GLX1.3 code is used on the new Xorg X Server was corrected.

  •  12 Mar 2008 09:09

Release Notes: FXPath::simplify() was fixed. The Adie CPU load issue caused by clock updating was fixed. FXURL::fileFromURL() was fixed. A bug in strtoull() for systems which have no native strtoull() was fixed. The missing tr() was added in FXMDIClient. A fix was made for FXRuby in FXMDIClient.

Release Notes: The Windows OpenGL implementation was updated and now uses wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB() from the ICD driver (where available) to determine extended PIXELFORMAT attributes. A bug where FXSettings was not dealing properly with CRLF on Windows (when in ASCII mode; the regular mode uses the registry and that worked fine) was fixed. The PropertyNotify message from X11 was implemented to intercept _NET_WM_STATE changes. This allows SEL_RESTORE, SEL_MAXIMIZE, and SEL_MINIMIZE to be sent when the user manipulates an application's top-level window.

Release Notes: This release adds 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator support (currently under Unix only). The SpaceNavigator device is a 6DOF motion controller. The FXGLViewer now has build in support (rotation, panning, and zooming) for this device as well. Revamped OpenGL support with GLX 1.3 or higher (frame buffer config supprt). A flag to force visual ID in FXVisual, which allows you to create a 2D drawable with a compatible visual to a 3D drawable. Spinlock support on Windows was added. FXGLCanvas now has the ability to use externally created FXGLContext (thus FXGLContext may be shared across different viewers).


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