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Four in a line

Four in a line is a Connect four game that can be played against other humans or against a computer opponent. The multiplayer mode is meant to be played over a local network or over the Internet. You can add your own AI players. This software requires the Sun JVM 1.6 or newer. Other JVM implementations are not guaranteed to work.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 May 2009 21:32

    Release Notes: This is a minor release. It fixes the issue of not able to run the game with a JVM 1.5, which seems to be the default config for Mac OS. It improves the animations under OpenJDK. You don't need to upgrade to this release if you don't want to play the game with a JVM 1.5 and if you don't use OpenJDK.

    •  02 May 2009 10:41

      Release Notes: The UI was improved. Animation now appears when someone plays.

      •  29 Apr 2009 18:35

        Release Notes: This release fixes a severe AI bug that could greatly weaken it. Thus much work has been done on memory optimization to make the AI player much faster. Two new AI levels have been added thanks to the optimizations, which make the AI player much harder to beat.

        •  26 Apr 2009 12:16

          Release Notes: This version fixes many bugs of the 1.3.3 release. Thus it brings a huge speed improvement when using the AI game player and some various small goodies.

          •  24 Apr 2009 21:21

            Release Notes: This release has an improved UI. It fixes the bug in which the user could not start the game from a path that contained spaces.

            Recent comments

            20 May 2009 21:59 gojul

            Issue with JVM 1.5 has been fixed in the release with some minor fixes for people who use OpenJDK.

            16 May 2009 21:55 gojul

            Hi, thank you for the feedback. Updated the notice to inform users that JVM 1.6 is required. Since the project still compiles under 1.5 I could recompile it under JVM 1.5 if needed.

            However JVM 1.5 should be deprecated soon as 1.6 is out for a while, so that's why I updated the build to 1.6.

            03 May 2009 16:03 danstowell

            For me it doesn't work on JVM 1.5 (Mac). 1.6 is recommended in the blurb - just letting you know...


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