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  •  01 Jan 2012 21:56

Release Notes: A new capability was added to search for and report any image metadata (EXIF, IPTC, etc.). Thumbnail images are shown with metadata text. Indexing new photos is 2x faster (up to 1000/minute). The main window can be more easily zoomed and panned during a dialog that is also using the mouse. You can zoom in/out using the mouse wheel. The mouse pointer tracks the zoom center to the middle of the window. The zoom ratio is configurable: 1-4 zooms for each 2x increase. Print color adjustments can be saved to a file for re-use. Three minor bugs were fixed.

  •  02 Oct 2011 16:24

Release Notes: A classic gamma curve edit was added, and can be applied to the whole image or a selected area. A "slanted" image can be quickly straightened, e.g. a gallery picture photographed at an angle to avoid reflections. Slide Show can optionally show only the last version of each image. The spacebar can be used to pause and resume. Printing was revised to work better with recent changes in HPLIP ("paper mismatch" errors). If new files are found, offer to perform an incremental synchronization. Warns if overwriting an original (non-versioned) image (the warning can be turned off).


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