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Release Notes: The focus for this release is speed and interface improvements. Mouse-driven area-selection and edit respond much faster. Indexing of new files at startup is much faster. The exiftool program is started as a server process and left running, eliminating a significant delay for every image opened. The internal image format was changed from int-16 to float-32 per color. This simplified the code and made some edit functions slightly faster, but more memory is used: about 800 MB to edit a 20 megapixel image. There are several other small improvements, 1 significant bugfix, and 5 minor ones.

  •  04 Feb 2012 01:10

Release Notes: Fotoxx has been converted to use GTK3 and Cairo. It will no longer build or install on older Linux releases lacking these libraries. Support for multiple top image directories has been added. The gallery thumbnail size is saved and restored across sessions. RPM packages are now built using Fedora and rpmbuild instead of alien. Two minor bugs have been fixed.

  •  02 Dec 2011 22:18

Release Notes: This release will automatically trim unused margins left over from the panorama, warp, and unbend functions. It will automatically find bright or dark "stuck" pixels (camera sensor defects) and fix them by interpolating neighboring pixels. Pixel locations can be saved and applied to other photos. Select Area was extended to both select and un-select by matching colors, and the search range was made adjustable. The resize and export function can convert to JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format. RAW conversion can output to JPEG, PNG, TIFF-8, and TIFF-16. There were several other minor improvements and four bugs were corrected.

Release Notes: Startup warnings about thumbnails and tag index file were revised to make them less intrusive and perhaps easier to understand. The French translation was updated. The Select Whole Image function was broken in the previous release and has been fixed.

  •  03 Nov 2010 08:01

Release Notes: A simple alternative for searching images was added for those not wanting an elaborate tag system: search based on comments saved in the image file (EXIF). Entered search words are matched against image comments and optionally file and folder names. Image comments are free-form text entered or revised at will. Annotate Image color and transparency can be specified for text and background, and watermarks can be made. Annotations can be saved and re-used. Edit functions operating in a small area are more responsive for slow computers. Several more minor improvements and bug fixes were made.

  •  02 Oct 2010 06:52

Release Notes: An image annotation function was added: descriptive text can be edited or viewed in a live window updated with each new image opened, or written directly on the image using any font, size, and rotation. An e-mail function was added: select multiple images, downsize within specified limits, and e-mail using the preferred e-mail program. Several other minor additions are described in the change log.

  •  02 Jun 2010 18:43

Release Notes: A Dutch translation has been added to the GUI. The thumbnail browser is faster and smoother (CPU load has been reduced by 60%). Tags now have categories (people, places, events, etc.) to help organize them and to find and select tags more quickly during image editing. This improves the practicality of having hundreds of tags. The user interface was revised - use F1 to view the user guide. Rotated images are automatically set upright when an edit is started or an image is added to an HDR/HDF/panorama. Formerly this was done only with image viewing.

Release Notes: A German user guide has been added but is still incomplete. A Russian translation was added and the Chinese translation updated. The fat GTK dialog completion buttons were replaced with thin ones to save space. Redo was made faster by using a saved image state instead of repeating the edit function. Focal length was added to View EXIF basic data. F1 context help was added to the White Balance function. Mass File Rename now has a status/progress window. The Trim width/height ratio can now be inverted with a button. Three significant bugs and four minor bugs were corrected.

  •  13 Apr 2010 08:13

Release Notes: This release makes a few refinements in function and ease-of-use. Tone-mapping reacts live to the blend-width slider, the edit scale is matched to the contrast range of the image, and it is up to 50% faster. The Brightness Ramp function now works within a select area. Buttons for setting popular aspect ratios were added to the Trim function. The function busy indicator (clock cursor) was made more obvious. Changing the GUI language from within the GUI was simplified.

Release Notes: The newest ufraw command syntax was adapted (old and new both work). Images can now be searched by directory and file names in addition to assigned tags, and wildcards can be used anywhere in the names. Two new photo transforms were implemented: simulated line drawing and simulated shiny metal embossing. A pixel editor was added, with variable brush size and edge blending. One significant and four minor bugs were fixed.


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