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  •  14 Apr 2010 19:17

Release Notes: This release fixes three bugs. Fotoxx would crash at startup if the saved state file was one left over from fotoxx version 9.x. If fotoxx was built from source and not installed at the default location /usr/local, the menu entry and desktop launcher would not work. If a panorama was started from an image that was zoomed, the resulting alignment image was smaller than normal. Conversion of RAW files was also accelerated by about 30%.

Release Notes: The EXIF key for user-defined tags was changed to be compatible with most other (Windows) programs that also use tags. A conversion function is provided that should be run before any new image editing is done. A warning at startup is given. See menu: Help > README for details. Editing of thumbnails is now blocked to prevent thumbnails of thumbnails from being created. A small memory leak was fixed.

  •  19 Jan 2010 14:46

Release Notes: Images can now be printed using a conventional GTK dialog for print setup and printing. A bug in which killing a running function could cause later malfunctions was fixed.

  •  01 Dec 2009 15:32

Release Notes: To select an area for subsequent editing, three line-drawing methods can be mixed: point to point, freehand (new), and follow edge (new). You can right click to undo the last stroke. Accumulating areas by color or range is another option. A selected area (object) can be copied and pasted into another image. The pasted object can be rescaled and edge-blended with the target image. Edited files can now be saved in PNG format as well as JPEG, TIFF-8, and TIFF-16. Workarounds were implemented for two issues found in the latest Ubuntu. Image search by date could omit the first date in a range.

Release Notes: The newest ufraw command syntax was adapted (old and new both work). Images can now be searched by directory and file names in addition to assigned tags, and wildcards can be used anywhere in the names. Two new photo transforms were implemented: simulated line drawing and simulated shiny metal embossing. A pixel editor was added, with variable brush size and edge blending. One significant and four minor bugs were fixed.


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