Version 1.18 of Fossil

Release Notes: This release adds sequential version numbering.

Other releases

  •  04 Apr 2013 13:46

Release Notes: The biggest news in this version is ticket and wiki moderation. In the timeline it is now possible to choose two check-ins and display the difference between them. Fossil server can now serve static files alongside repositories. There were many more user experience improvements and internal improvements.

  •  13 Feb 2013 22:39

Release Notes: This version is full of usability improvements. The Web interface features a WYSIWYG editor and allows styling the markup. The fossil stash command now requires a commend and can show saved stashes without applying. Fossil ls can now show the dates of last commits of all files. When creating a new repository, you may use a template one. Many lesser changes are not listed.

  •  17 Aug 2012 21:43

Release Notes: This release comes with a wide range of small usability improvements. An example specimen is the new ability to see all changes in a branch by "fossil diff --from root:BRANCH --to BRANCH". The Web interface has been made even more customizable. Many links have been hidden from spiders using JavaScript. On the version control side, many small problems have been demoted from fatal errors to warnings. One new feature is partial commits of cherrypick merges.

  •  19 Mar 2012 21:37

Release Notes: This release brings a wide spectrum of improvements. Merging has been improved in cases involving file renames. Diff has been improved in multiple ways, including a new --brief mode. The "allow-symlink" setting is versionable now, allowing easy project-wide adoption. Security has been improved by hardening logic against DOS attacks. Many more improvements are listed in the change log.

  •  10 Jan 2012 22:29

Release Notes: This is the 21st stable release of Fossil. It contains some usability improvements. Most interesting are the side-by-side diffs in the CLI. For the internals, the JSON interface has been merged into the trunk, but needs to be enabled while compiling from source.


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A program that backs up and restores data.


Project Spotlight


A .NET library that provides an abstraction over persistent data stores.