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Functionally Overloaded Linux Kernel

The FOLK project aims to provide a single patch which incorporates as many Linux kernel projects as can be crammed in. Its goal is to allow people who are interested in experimenting with the different projects to get on with the experimenting, rather than spend time fixing clashing diffs. It also has the goal of giving some of the more obscure projects a better chance of being seen and used. It is not intended for "general use". If a given release is stable, that will be by sheer luck. These are experimental projects, of unknown quality and completeness, being thrown together in ways that the developers are unlikely to have even remotely considered.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: The biggest change is the replacement of the low-latency stuff with the lock-breaking extension for the preempt patch. The next biggest change is the addition of the LSM security code, and SE-Linux. A poster of the kernel has been generated (either as an image you can posterize to suit, or as a 6x6 set of A4 postscript files).

  •  10 Oct 2001 14:35

Release Notes: This is a rebuild of the FOLK patch; most kernel options compile correctly. Not everything from FOLK 2.2.x has been migrated yet.

Release Notes: Two new VME drivers, merging of KGI, korbot, and ppscsi, merging up to Alan Cox's 2.4.9-ac12, and updates to VAX architecture, JFS, XFS, i2c/lm_sensors, and badmem.

Release Notes: Many new patches, including (but not limited to) SELinux, the GetRewted patch, PPS, the Transputer Link driver and the Tekram DC395/DC315 driver. Upgrades include 2.4.9-ac3 and the latest XFS c

Release Notes: This release was uograded to Alan Cox' -ac5. Some more obscure drivers were added, and some bugs were fixed.

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21 Feb 2002 15:42 imipak

Re: Is development dead?

> The subject says it all, doesn't it? I'd
> like to use the FOLK patch on my
> workstation, but the latest release is
> for 2.4.10... What's happening?

The project went on hold, for a while. :( Part of that was a heavy workload, but part of it was due to the fact that kernel development went into a period of sheer chaos for a while. Entire major components were being ripped out and replaced, seemingly on a daily basis. I wanted to wait until things calmed down a little, so that patches might actually work with the latest kernel.

I also made several attempts to move onto the 2.5.x tree, but the chaos simply moved over there. Although there's some really nice code there, I've found it impossible to produce a good 2.5.x patch, with all the pin-wheeling around. Once someone disconnects the Improbability Generator from Linus' brain, it should be possible to move forward there. (Linus is probably one of the hottest coders around, and one of the brightest, but we might as well be using a Genetic Algorithm for the Virtual Memory Manager, for all that it keeps getting replaced.)

30 Nov 2001 11:27 styxern

Is development dead?
The subject says it all, doesn't it? I'd like to use the FOLK patch on my workstation, but the latest release is for 2.4.10... What's happening?

30 Jul 2001 14:35 imipak

Re: wish: Make available via ftp?
You can access the FOLK archives via FTP, by
FTPing to
and going to the /pub/sourceforge/folk directory.

29 Jun 2001 17:32 fireeyes

wish: Make available via ftp?
It would be nice to be able to download these patches from an ftp server, I have to stop downloads frequently and at 5M into it, I don't have too much faith in stopping an http download and hoping it resumes.

So making it available via ftp would be fantastic!


15 Jun 2001 12:44 imipak

Re: Support for low-latency patch?

> Are you planning on adding Ingo Molnar's
> low-latency patch to your kernel patch
> set?

I'm stuck on whether to use Ingo's patch or Andrew
Morton's patch. Andrew Morton's uses a lot of Ingo
Molnar's patch set, and is much more current, but that
doesn't always mean much. I'll have to think about this
one, but any input anyone can give would be truly


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