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fnord httpd is a small HTTP server (15k static binary). It is fast, and supports sendfile and connection keep-alive, virtual domains, content- ranges, and IPv6. It does transparent content negotiation for special cases (html - html.gz, or gif - png).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2005 22:45

    Release Notes: Bugfixes regarding If-Modified-Since, 64-bit file I/O, and HTTP ranges off-by-one.

    •  09 Jun 2003 22:19

      Release Notes: The internal chroot code is now enabled (which means you don't have to do the chroot externally); if you run fnord as root, it will chroot to the current working directory and drop privileges to $UID and $GID (need to be numerical).

      •  16 Jan 2003 02:01

        Release Notes: New .mov, .qt, .mpg and .wav extensions and MIME types, a new mmap-based file service (for non-sendfile platforms), a Pragma: no-cache for CGI responses, and a fix for a non-exploitable buffer overrun in CGI code that was added in 1.6.

        •  04 Oct 2002 21:09

          Release Notes: Support has been added for $PATH_INFO in the CGI environment. .pac has been added for netscape proxy autoconfig, and .sig for application/pgp-signature.

          •  10 Jul 2002 19:56

            Release Notes: Two reported bugs (fnord-conf and timeout handling when not using sendfile) have been fixed.


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