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F Modular Synthesizer

FMS is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch. You can play any sound (sine, triangular, vowels, etc.) with any property settings (frequency, volume, balance, sweep, etc.) and modulations thereof. It also features tools to save sounds, play .MUS music, graphically display sounds, and make real noise.

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  •  09 Apr 2008 13:53

Release Notes: This is the first stable release of FMS, improving the protocol and fixing many bugs.

  •  26 Nov 2007 03:40

Release Notes: This is possibly the last release candidate for version 1.0. It features, apart from important bugfixes, a new build system (with cmake), balance and balance modulation, and sweep intensity modulation.

  •  13 Apr 2007 10:41

Release Notes: This release fixes all bugs discovered via user feedback, and should be quite stable. Sweep frequency modulation is now implemented, and using both blur and frequency modulation on the same sound at the same time is possible.

  •  05 Apr 2007 08:51

Release Notes: This release adds important features such as balance (including balance modulation) of sounds, major bugfixes, and improvements in the computational core such as intelliSync-mode, combining the advantages of pre-computed wave tables and synchronous playing. It's a spin-off of current developments in the FROCOR project.

  •  11 May 2005 05:13

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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