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Release Notes: This release adds a new navigation toolbar feature, including form navigation menu, record navigation buttons with display mode changing buttons. It fixes issues reading metadata for FileMaker tables using ODBC on Windows and AppleScript on Mac OS X. It fixes an issue with transfer of non-BYTEA data columns into PostgreSQL database servers. It increases the maximum length of PostgreSQL table/column names from 31 to 63 to support higher NAMEDATALEN values used for PostgreSQL 7+ versions.

  •  02 Oct 2011 00:21

Release Notes: This release adds creation of Script to Layout Object Report.txt and Script to Layout Usage Report.txt files for PHP conversion projects.

Release Notes: This release improves overall application stability on MacOS X and Windows, fixes an issue with empty results displayed in the Table Details and Field Details windows, makes PHP and Visual FoxPro conversion changes, adds support for converting FileMaker merge fields on layouts and converting layout symbol objects (record number, username, page number, date, time), adds conversion of static tooltip text into Spry Tooltips for all layout object types, and fixes an issue with parsing VFP table creation SQL code containing INDEX ON statements.

Release Notes: This release adds support for generating PHP Web applications from FileMaker Pro database files.


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An SPM data analysis program.


Project Spotlight


A weather logging application.