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FM-Classic provides an easy way to get data from Java servlets into Web pages. It also helps you keep graphic design separate from application logic. The template language is powerful and intuitive, the compiler is fast, and the output approaches the speed of static HTML pages. FM-Classic is a continuation of the FreeMarker 1.x code base.

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Recent releases

  •  27 Apr 2013 13:06

    Release Notes: This release adds the freemarker.engine package. This ties together the template system, the cache, and the reflection code to present a unified API to all these services. This also adds lambda expressions to the template engine. In addition, variable expressions can be escaped on output, to prevent XSS attacks and the like.

    •  16 Oct 2005 14:21

      Release Notes: This release adds new writable template models: writable hashes, writable indexed models, and writable iterators. It contains a reimplementation of the reflection library. It provides formatting models for numbers, dates, and messages. It also allows variables to be dynamically scoped for some block elements.

      •  16 Nov 2004 05:45

        Release Notes: This release added native Java 1.5 support as well as a Java 1.2 release. It allows more constant expressions to be evaluated at compile time rather than waiting until runtime and added an expression cache to improve in-memory size. The expression builder's performance was improved slightly.

        •  06 Oct 2004 10:02

          Release Notes: This release updates its support for JDom to JDom beta 10 and JDom 1.0. This breaks compatibility with earlier JDom releases. It fixes several scenarios where the "break" instruction didn't work as expected. It adds an "exit" instruction to allow functions to be terminated early. Finally, it adds better logging support to many areas.

          •  06 Dec 2003 11:37

            Release Notes: This version adds integer numeric support to the template models, and adds support for the <elseif> instruction. Templates can now be serialized. There were many additions and updates to the manual. It adds a new caching policy to allow cache entries to be expired. Lots more utility models were added to the freemarker.ext.misc package. More compile-time sanity checks have been added.


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