Version 1.056 of FLP-i18n

Release Notes: This release adds an option to the i18n_settings.ini file which allows to turn of alias language checking which speeds things up a little. A bit of code was added to an abstract base class ?i18n? and the getLastUpdate() Method was tweaked a little bit. The User class no longer interferes with other classes that are commonly named ?User?.

Other releases

Release Notes: Some minor bugs were corrected and the error handling was completely changed. Non-fatal errors are now caught with try/throw/catch constructs. Gettext bugs were corrected, a new backend translator class was added for SQLite, and PHPDoc comments were reintroduced.

Release Notes: First PHP 5 release (won't work on PHP 4). The structure of the classes has been improved. There is a new easy way of adding your own translation backend classes though implementing interfaces. Caching for translation strings has been added to the “Text” and “MySQL” modus to improve speed.

  •  22 Jun 2003 20:41

Release Notes: Some code cleanup and some speed improvements when using the filterSpecialWords() function. The wordFilter() function has been enhanced.

  •  13 Jun 2003 17:36

Release Notes: The FormatDate class was finally rewritten so the formating options can be set in the l10n.ini file. A bug concerning the changeLocale method was fixed, and some minor code corrections were made.

  •  09 May 2003 16:38

Release Notes: If the shmop extention is installed, shared memory can be used to store and read the settings from all the ini files. This way they donrt have to be read with every pagecall. The shared memory function is not enabled by default; for that you have to set the $use_shared_mem variable in the I18N class to TRUE. A couple of variables and functions were renamed so it comes closer to the PEAR coding standards. All user settings were removed from the i18n_settings.ini file, since they normally don't have to be changed. The getLastUpdateDate() method was also redesigned to reduce DB queries and file access.


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Mutt Folder List

A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.


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A pure Java Git solution.