Version 0.6.1 of FlowDesigner

Release Notes: specificInitialize() has been renamed to initialize(). This affects those who write their own nodes. There is some new documentation. Cancelling a program with the "stop" button has less chance of causing a crash. CAllPole was renamed to IIR, making it more clear what the node is doing. There are various GUI improvements, many bugfixes, real-time clock (/dev/rtc) support for timing/waiting, and user-defined struct-like types through the use of the MakeComposite and GetComposite nodes.

Other releases

  •  10 Oct 2007 13:37

Release Notes: A new Qt GUI is under construction. This release is working with 64-bit processors. GNOME GUI updates. Slowly migrating to a CMake-based build system. Win32 and OS X support (binaries are available). FD namespace. This release can use Octave scripts with specific Octave Nodes.

  •  05 Oct 2005 07:55

Release Notes: Code was added in the FD namespace. Minor autoconf script changes were made. Resizeable node copy now works properly. Static variables are now properly initialized for GCC 4.x. Minor templates fixes were made and an initial Cygwin port was created.

  •  23 Oct 2004 01:02

Release Notes: Added the ability to create notes in the user interface, implemented importing and exporting of existing networks, and fixed the node parameter dialog.

  •  06 Jul 2004 18:21

Release Notes: This release includes new URL streams that can be specified by users at run time by using tcp:host:port, file:filename, etc. There is an automatic type conversion when using RCPtr = ObjectRef. Parameters passing at run-time from document parameters was fixed. This version now works with MARIE, fixes the String serialization, adds Vector conversion with toInt and toFloat nodes, and removes ownership on sockets, which caused exceptions on some systems. The Octave plugin now parses Octave file and executes properly, and a lot of operators on basic types were added, including add, sub, mul, div, and concat.

  •  21 Jan 2004 00:47

Release Notes: This release fixes many build problems and includes multiple GUI improvements, better node documentation, new nodes, and more.


Project Spotlight


A flexible utility and Python module for converting CSV files into HTML tables.


Project Spotlight


A small scientific/numerical computation library.