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30 Sep 2006 19:17 kheston

5 years and counting
I've been using the floppyfw for 5+ years. Never a problem, delighted! An old 486 has served as my ultra-configurable firewall router so well that I've never had any inclination to purchase a consumer DSL router. All thanks to Thomas' cool distro.

A PC and four ISA cards give me a level of capability/flexibility that I'm sure Cisco wouldn't mind taking a few thousand of my dollars for. I've also used floppyfw to build a gigabit firewall/router for my university. It has performed flawlessly.

If you have an interest in learning iptables and need more than you can get from any consumer device, I highly recommend floppyfw.

02 May 2002 19:00 rockfruit

simple and easy
I needed a simple home router/firewall for my DSL connections and floppyfw works
conveniently with an old HP Vectra Pentium 100Mhz hanging around. Works fine also on my
high end desktops and using the same floppy, no need to reconfigure. Just needs 2 NICs, I
used cheap Realtek 8139 coz it didn't work with my old 3Com ISA network cards, then add in
the dhcpd modules, configure IP addresses and that's it. For about $12 I've converted my old
PC as a router. I reviewed other linux-floppy but had no time to read so many steps or do a
lot of configuring. floppyfw is quite straightforward. Thanks to the author.


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