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  •  27 Mar 2011 15:09

Release Notes: A memory leak when building photo list results was fixed. flickcurl_photos_setPerms() was fixed to allow false boolean permissions. flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos_params() was fixed to just work. The flickcurl(1) utility now handles Raptor V1, V2, or none.

Release Notes: The documentation for how to set up authentication was updated to add screen shots of the steps needed, following the Flickr App Garden changes. The flickcurl_search_params struct gained an in_gallery boolean field to restrict searches to photos in a gallery. The flickcurl utility commands gained geographical context, taking an integer argument for inside/outside, an is-commons boolean flag, and an is-gallery boolean flag. A few minor bugs and typographical errors were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds a tutorial for using the search API along with a simple example program. It adds support for search parameters (geo_context and is_commons) and new extras path_alias, url_m, url_o, url_s, url_sq, and url_t. It fixes a few minor bugs and typos.


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