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Release Notes: The Linux kernel was updated to 2.4.27 with APIC support and patches for netdev random, ignore_ksoftirq, ebtables, and advanced routing. The main build scripts were overhauled, so there is now a generic insted of different scripts for different media. Simple DMZ support was added. The advanced_networking package was added with support for bridge, bonding, VLAN and ebtables. Experimental support was added for DNSMasq as a DNS server. dropbear, OpenVPN, eagle-usb, hostap, prism54, and the Fritz!Card DSL SL USB driver were updated. Many minor fixes and enhancments were made.

Release Notes: Kernel 2.4.26 and uClibc 0.9.26 are now used. The RAM disks were replaced by tmpfs. The SSHD now supports TCP forwarding once again. Multiple W-LAN cards are supported, and WEP keys can be entered in a Windows-compatible form. raw-up/raw-down scripts similar to ip-up/ip-down were provided for raw ISDN circuits, and some minor fixes and changes were made.

Release Notes: This version adds a new kernel (2.4.23 with security fix from 2.4.24), a new version of BusyBox, and a new DNS server (dnsmasq). It now supports the AVM Fritz!Card DSL SL. Support for LCDs with "Winamp" wiring was added. dropbear was added as an SSH2 server; using SSH1 is now deprecated. There are new features for the W-LAN package. There is a VPN package with OpenVPN and CIPE. There are also many bugfixes.

Release Notes: New features include forbidden-domains, console login, IP-spoofing protection, GTK-imonc for linux, improvements in the LCD-diplayer "isdn_rate", new HTTP-statusmonitors, and some bugfixes. Multiple destinations/loghosts are now possible for syslog. This release also includes PPPOE V3.2, syslinux 1.63, and kernel 2.2.19.

Release Notes: DNS-Server ENS improvements were made. Some new NIC drivers were added. Partitions to mount can now be specified in config.txt. An optional SCSI package is available. The LCD now supports the HD66712-controller on a parallel port and also supports the serial Matrix-Orbital-Displays. Masquerading now includes udp-dloose as a pseudo-masq-module for internet-games.

Release Notes: A new DNS-Server (ENS) was added. hwclock was updated. timecl no longer needs imond. imond now shows CPU-activity and traffic. firewall-script was separated into masq & fwrules. A bug in FIREWALL_DENY_ICMP was fixed. A bugfix for ip-up/ip-down, if circuit is changed automatically, was made. In OPT_PPPTP pppd-option noipdefault was deleted. There is now an optional 2.5-MB-rootfs for systems with 8 MB RAM. OPT_POESTATUS was fixed. OPT_LCD now displays the incoming call if OPT_TELMOND='yes'. OPT_HTTPD had some enhancements added. The configuration of OPT_NMBD was improved regarding WINS-Server/Client. Some minor bugfixes were made.


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